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Ferguson-Florissant School District

Important Note for Guest Teachers
Guest Teacher Work Information Update.
Please update your current information for our Substitute calling system here.

Your Password is your EMPLOYEE ID NUMBER.

Call 1-877-395-4985 and use your Employee ID Number to register or report your absence by phone

For log in problems or questions,please contact Tammicka Buford at 314-506-9158.

Holiday Adjacent Absences
If you need to request an absence that is the day before or after holiday, that request must be approved by your Building Principal and the Chief Human Resource. This request should be submitted at least five days before the absence whenever possible using the following form. Completing this form is not reporting your absences. Once your absence request has been approved you will still need to login to Subfinder or ESS to report your absence.

Holiday Absence Request

Personal Day Absence Request (1 to 3 work days)
This form can be used for personal days that are not before or after a holiday. This forms final approver is the building Principal or Department Administrator. Submitting this form does not report your absence to Subfinder or the attendance system. You must login to Subfinder in order to report your absence there once it has been approved.

Personal Day Absence Request

Half And Whole Days In Subfinder

It is important to remember that absences only count for a whole or half day in this attendance system. For Teachers and Substitutes any absence that is less than or equal to three and a half (3.5) hours will be counted as a half day. Any absence greater than 3.5 hours is counted as a whole day absence. This directly affects substitute pay. It is important to report absence time spans correctly because changes can be frustrating to substitutes when jobs are accepted for one time span and then the time changes. For more information please click here. If you are still unsure of how to report a half day absence time span please contact your Office Manager.

The half day threshold for an Administrator is less than or equal to four (4) hours. Anything greater than 4 hours will reflect a whole day absence.